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Ghosts of Guestbook Entries Past
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Nice page! No time to chat right now, though - work, work, work!

James Cartledge

Hey Sarah! I like your page...I'm still exploring the links....:) Maybe this will make me want to get off my tush and design my own page....naahhh....


Hi! Your page looks great! See ya on E-Chat:) David

The Yin and the Yang of it!

I love it! Now, you realize, you have to get some writing on here... :)

Sara F

SARAH IS AWESOME!! Thanks for posting me! *blush* I am honored! I wish I could have a guestbook too! Maybe I should go to geocities....

Megan L.

Sarah, I like it. Only one problem though. No writing! Get some on here like Sara F did! Other than that great job.

M. A. Clark

Cool page. Thanks for the link. I agree with others here, you should post some writing. Just enough so people can get a taste of what you do, not entire short stories or the like for what happened to me could be repeated!


I like your page Sarah. It's awesome! I would give you an adress but I am at my highschool at the moment and I don't have a computer!

Sarah Little

I love your page! I would give an e-mail address but I'm not allowed to give it away if it's going to be posted.


A lovely page!! And so glad that you can join us at the Quill Society ( ).. hope to see more of your writings.. Creativity to thy imagination. -J


Sarah, just happen to be surfin' and found you. Your page is great. I'm an aspiring writer, too! I've been thinking about setting up my own page. Perhaps now I will. Good Luck!


Hi Sarah! Nice page! I can't believe it took me so long to look at it. I love your story! Post more, if you can, I'd love to read it. I'm glad you found the Quill Society, maybe we'll have to move the whole gang over there! :)

none yet, maybe soon, keep your fingers crossed!

Hi Sarah! Enjoyed your home page! Lotsa fun links to explore. I enjoyed your writing too. I agree with everyone else in saying- encore! C-ya l8er!
(.)   (.)              (.)   ---
   >                       >
\_______/               \______/


Sorry 'bout that weird stuff at the end. Guess my right side up faces don't work on this type of form. *Sigh* Oh well. -Kristine @>-`-,-


Hey there, Sarah Kathryn! Here's my "signature" for your guestbook. keep up the good work, keep writing, and see you soon on the YOUNG WRITER"S FORUM!!!!!!! I'll come back soon, bye for now. . .


I really liked your story. Your page is great. Pardon me for asking, but how much does it cost?


Just thought I'd drop by; see yer page. Looks like what I was looking for, which is something to search for writer-links someplace ELSE than Inkspot.

Ol' Moses
yeah, right

Back again! This time I checked things out a little better. nice!


Sara- terrific. I'm still struggling to get one started but when I do it will have My Life In Verse on it. Don't hold your breath. I was never good at foreign languages and html is no different.


I enjoyed your 'something I wrote'. It's a coy little cocktail of gravity and humour.

not yet

I am wondering about your choice of decor, I would have a lot of sports stuff in here and maybe a beer or two, otherwise i loved it, you get two stars out of ten * *

http// ha ha ha

Love the french page and the writer links

(not there yet)

Hey! Well, I was not wrong. Your writing style and observation are absolutely first-rate. I would like to give you a full critique and have some other things to tell you about writing. Is it OK if I email you? I am what has been called a technonew, so I don't really know what I'm doing. Let me know!


You know me! HI!

Sarah T.

Hello Sarah Katherine, we "spoke" yesterday in the bbs chat room. I didn't have much time to look around. It's almost 10p.m. PST. Maybe, I'll make more time tomorrow after work. How did you get so much information?

Sami King-Wente

I like your french page. Bravo pour ton site.


excellent stuff!


Nice page Sarah, u seem to know plenty 'bout the net, I gotta go, but I got questions, that I'm dying to know the answers to 'bout the net! send them sometime!
Nice page again!


Hi. Nice page, except for the lack of any real information. Oh well..


How are you Sarah?

Is the forum getting more or less interesting to you?

Yr homepage is kewl!

Ain't-*LOL*-Sara F's homepage kewl too?


Sarah T.

Sorry I keep signing but it just keeps getting better and better as I go deeper and deeper!

See you on the forum and in email

Sarah T.


Yr lucky you have a homepage...and it's great!

Yr like a wise one on the forum.

Speaking of the forum, see ya there!


mom won't let me get one

I saw that's Kristine's on here, too!

Congratz, your homepage is great!


I love doing thaT!! *blush*

See ya around!

sarah t

Sarah T.
none too bad!


Great homepage!!

And Trent, if you don't have anything nice to write, don't write it.



Sarah T.
hey, at least I got an email address!!!

Sarah Kathryn-

Am I? *smile* At least, now?

C U on D forums,

Sarah T.
Am I the only one who signs this homepage?


I'll submit something on here.



Sarah Kathryn-

Yu know a lot about the web. Well, I just got a homepage. And I want to fix it. Yu see, I started it yesterday. And I need to work on it more today. How? I'm in Tripod now, and I can't get any help!


Bonjour Sarah,

Haven't seen you at the forum lately but I haven't been there this past week anyway. I love your page! As Crystal said, it almost made we want to make my own. I really liked your story, loved the humour you added it brought out the character's personality in such a serious situation. I'd love to read any other stories of yours..Email me sometime. Well this is already really long, I'll take a better look at your page when I get more time. J'aime le page de Francais. (my french needs improving on : )

A bientot,

Mary Illical


Fun page. Enjoyed your story. Keep writing!

Nancy Carver Abbott

Well SK, I finally made it to your page. I am way impressed. Can't wait to take a look around...


I was searching the web for message boards on which to communicate with people of my ilk. I've been getting frustrated posting jokes and comments on a certain board, and having no one ever get the point.

I'm not really all that smart or literary, but these people, bless their hearts, appear to have been raised on TV exclusively; no imagination, no knowledge of history or of their own culture.

Anyway, it does my heart good to come across an articulate person, and when I discovered that you're a kid (Please don't resent the term. It's a good thing to be.), it drove home a point that I already knew - that it's not an age thing. Brilliance, art, honesty, self-expression can just as easily be had in a young person as an old one. But there are vast numbers of adults out there who you would think had never had a day of school.

Anyway, best of luck, kiddo. If you happen to know of a message board that caters to a marginally literate clientele, you could e-mail me.


PS - If I may be permitted a presumptuous bit of advice, majoring in English (you did say you planned to do that, didn't you?) is great, but always keep an eye on how you're going to make a living, and learn to invest early for your later years. I'm 46, have an MFA in painting and am scrambling for jobs, with almost nothing in the bank and even less invested for retirement.

That said, enjoy the heck out of college. Just keep working hard, to do justice to your chosen field, and take a business/economics class or two.


Hi Sarah Kat

It's me, your second cuter, cooler stalker! I likes you homepage. I see you put that Erehwon thing in there. How in the world do you come up these things? I really do like you page and the e-mails. Your a trip KID! (That's a good thing in my house. I don't know if that counts or not!) Well I got to go, parents are having a party, and my sister is do back in 10 minutes from CA. I will sign your page 6 more time! :) Ha Ha! This is going to be fun!
Buffy (who else would it be?)

I would if I could but, I can't

Sarah T: So..if I have NOTHING to say then I should say it nine times?


I enjoyed your writing, it sounded
very frank, very true.
Have you thought about doing a sort
of sequel, a response? Or maybe you've
moved on to other topics. Don't mean
to be nosy.


Hi Sarah,
It's me again. How come I am not on your Interesting and Multi-Talented People on the Web?! I am hurt!! I am the most interesting and talented person alive! Wow, I don't have an EGO problem. This is my 2nd time signing. Only 100 more times and I will be done!
AKA, Your second stalker
AKA, Stephanie Kahal
Enough said.


I finally got around to your page, and it's really cool, and it makes sense too. Um, do you ever read these things? Otherwise I'll fill it up with weird stuff like purplemonkeydishwasher and harryblanketbreath.

Brian S

Enjoyed as much of your page as I got. Email me and I will ask enough questions to fill the page for several weeks. Good luck with your writing. I'm finishing my first novel in SEptember(I hope). Love to talk writing. I'm not literary. My genre is Novels of the West. Can you handle that? Regards,Gordon.


You have a wonderful site and, as a writer, I appreciate all your links. It's a little late to go through them (at night that is), so I've saved your site under 'Favorites'. Thank you and I'll be back! Feel free to stop by my web page, it's not as elaborate as yours, but interesting nonetheless. I believe that's the right address (a friend set the site up for me, I just E-mail him the text). My E-mail address is correct, so please write. I read your piece and it was very good. Perhaps we can E-mail each other our writings. Another friend of mine who's a writer is talking about getting an E-mail writers' group together. If you'd be interested, let me know. Well, ta ta for now --Keep the ink flowing and the creativity going! Gary

Gary Frank

Hiya Sarah! Thanks so much for the link.
Your story is wonderful and you have some really great links for poets and writers!



Hello Sarah


Thanks for the link, Sarah...Now maybe more people will visit my page. :)


Cool page, SK!

PeanutButter Phantom

erehwon comes through again. All-American Award with five marks of distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association!

97's erehwon baby

The word of the day is, PLUM DUFF!
(Got too much free time in class so we just sit there and look at the dictionary)


I love your homepage! Yippy skippy! ¢¢ (that's my two cents)




Thanks so much for your story "Let's Meet". It was very well done. I enjoyed the rest of the site, as well. It's a relief to know about Kandinsky after all this time. Thanks for your hard work.


I loved your stories. They are so full of detai and imagery!!
The site I gave you is called The Novel Approach -- An on-line forum for those interested in writing. Please come and have a look, and let me know what you think. New members always welcome, so feel free to bring a fiend or two or three . . .


Hey, this is one spelunkin' page you've got here. Dawson lives in Maine and we both know it! 525,600 minutes, woo-hoo!
- Colin

Colin Carroll Steely

The UMCP Dept. of Geology page, courtesy of moi.

Colin Steely

Hi Sarah, guess what? Did you know that Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt are sisters? Oh my gosh!!! It's like big freak and the gang? (isn't that a stupid expression by the way?) Anyway, your page is pretty spelunkin cool. Ally and Dawson rule. Someday we will come up with a use for the multi-purpose hook. Okay, bye bye.

Diane Wisda via Colin Steely
yell at the AG TA to put it up
you know it

One day at a time (I'm just makin' stuff up here). OH MY GOSH!!!! Did you know the chick who was in the Birdcage is Ally McBeal? Wow! Did you know that four actors on the Simpsons make up forty-six voices? That is just a fun fact that I thought you might enjoy. Sometimes I enjoy the fun fact option. Novels are always better than movies. Doesn't this "Comments" field have an upper word limit? Sheesh. I'm done now. See ya.

Autumn Ashby via Colin Steely

Yes, that's my middle name, thank you very much. After Lewis Carroll. Also so that I have a female name to use on days when I feel like it. Although lately I've taken a fancy to 'Rebecca Lauren'. Ah well.

Colin Carroll Steely

Je suis tres impresse avec vos ecritures, mais la dialogue etait tres stupide. L'auture, celui avec la grand-mere etait tres tres superbe a mon avis sacre.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Mui, toy escritorios estes muchas agillos, os forma de los bibliosas do muy existensialista.

Juan Pablo Sartor

Quanto sia liet il giorno bibliografia i che dal delfino. Nut anchor qui'ssiamo existentiala.

Giovanni Paolos Sartora

Allo verhlassen de Paie-Bas! Des existilichen scribatures wert funtentägen wundfäaß.

Jähn Poul Saßtor

Spiros! Mi kostos dikappa bibliographia existalisto ni scribo.

Yanni Poulos Sartoris

Hi, hope you're okay, sorry about your diagnosis.

Take care!



There is so much stuff on your webpage, I'll be awhile exploring it! It is an interesting webpage. CCoollll! :)))

Rob Easterbrook


Really neat site , Sarah. It took me sometime to really get down and explore it, but now im glad I did.
the 500 words dialog was GREAT!!!

Neomi Geva

your page was so helpful

shaun bacon

I would say something but everyone else seems to have expressed my opinions


OK, so I've signed this already. Just wanted to say keep up the good work!!!

Sara F
You know where it is

Who wants to publish a book for children
all raise your hand? Hi! its me Mindy and I am looking for a co - writer and illustrator in the Texas area!!!! E mail me!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$


hai Sarah!It's great to visit your website. I,an aspiring writer,got inspired to see your works at such a
young age. I hope to have reply from you soon!

Venkat Ram

You have a great site.