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Ghosts of Guestbook Entries Past
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hello, may your words never see and end, may your dreams never stop pushing you on and most of all, may you never know the meaning of never.


a would be aspiring writter, with massive tower of words piled high in the mind. Irma Bombeck seems to be the direction I flow to, according to friends, family and readers.


Excellent Listing of a variety of sites for all writers. I plan to review each of them later.

Bruce W. Rodeheaver

Just surfing the net and looking for random webpages, so i may further continue my academic distraction. Nice Page.

Kelly L. Fuller

what can I say...wonderful? Awsome? I am sure they have already been said. No matter I will concure nevertheless and congratulate you on such an achievement.


Nice pages indeed. 'Optimistic and cynic'. :) That was a great one! You sound like Daria Morgendorffer.

A-J Vuori

Hi Sarah,

Your site is very nice. How about a real picture?

j. Wayne

what a great list of writing connections! thanks for this handy site!

everyone is invited to sign up for a charming free emailed zine at (or read an issue on my website)
happy day!


I like your page and by the looks of things others like it too.


i'm not normally a guestbook signer, but your page was really great. i read all 3 of the short stories and loved them! keep posting!



I too, am an aspiring writer. As a matter of fact, I have just published a collection of short stories with a friend of mine. We did it all on our own, but it didn't turn out too bad. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to create a place where writers can come for information and inspiration.


K. Stevens
none available yet

Ehhh, long time no see (speaking to the web page here), but hey, there's a lot of useful stuff here!! Maybe some day hopefully I'll start writing consistently again...

To Miss Sarah Kathryn: hope your summer isn't going as fast as it was earlier, hope your tendonitis is doing better.

To everyone else: Meh neh, meh neh. Esh. Mish-mash. Sproing!


As a fellow writer, although not of as creative endeavours as yourself, I look forward to reading more of your work, and learning more about you...

Mike Steele

Well done. I truly enjoyed reading your work. MW


yes, this really is your mom. I visited your web page this evening--like to check out the contests. But guess what. Autumn's web page is from her freshman year. Jenny's doesn't exist anymore. Neither does the other girl, whose name I forget already. Didn't go to Colin's.
Do you want me to prepare a pre-Yom Kippur dish for Daddy to bring to you tomorrow? Or will you be happy finding whatever you want to eat before the fast at Maryland. (Much less work for moi.)
I never get e-mail. Will you send me an e-mail?


I loved your site and found it very resourceful. Would you consider checking out mine? We have a contest going on now so I encourage you to enter!


I think you have done really well with your site. It must have taken a lot of your time.

Colin Brittain

I write and self publish history books of communitis/counties along the Gulf Coast.

Dan Ellis

Great stories. I especially liked "Plenty". I wonder if you are withholding any more good material from us teary, puppy-eyed readers.


I found your site by accident. Very informative. I'll be back for sure!

Amy Munnell

I found your site by accident. Very informative. I'll be back for sure!

Amy Munnell

Hey! just surfing


Hey! just surfing and found your site by chance. you're right, there are a lot of Sarahs.


Hey, I like your site. I am a writer too. Visit my site. It's not that good yet. I am still working on it


Thought you'd like to know that your site was listed in Lycos's writer's software guide at:


Brian Rickman

Just had to tell you -- I found your site when looking for sites about writing, and was attracted to it because I had a sister who died at birth who my mother named Sarah Kathryn . . . so of course I noticed your name. Then I read your pieces that you've posted, and really enjoyed them. (The piece about Irene sent chills down my spine.) So, keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to perusing the writing links. (I won't forget your money-back guarantee.)
Kathy, Bethesda.

Kathy may recall a young giggly, bouncing, insane girl who called herself Jack (Just Another Crazy Kid)...her name changed weekly, of course her real name was Faye, but that's beside the point...from Jack to the PeanutButter Phantom, to the Purple Peach, the Coolest Dork in Canada and Canada's Coolest Dork...she also has a million other names she can't remember...but now in this day she is know as The Mad Hatter...

*grins* Miss me?





Best wishes with your site, writing, and college life. Please visit Creativenue at your leisure -- we would be delighted to feature some of your work on our site.


Hello, I just stumbled upon your page, and thought it was great. I looked and looked, but could not find an email address, please contact me, I would like to advertise my site,, on yours.

patrick weatherford

Hi. Enjoyed your site. It was definitely worth the visit.


I visit often an think it an excellent piece of work. Thank you.


Yes! Well the above info has too many typos. That's the reason I have a computer in the first place. However, the message is the same. Great site.


I really enjoyed visiting your site. The stories were great and it was chocked full of interesting contests as well. As a newly published first time author, it was well worth the visit. You did and excellent job with your site. You are welcome to check out my webpage and read more about my novel "The Whispering Hollows Of The Heart" which came about as a result of actually dreaming the story for 3 nights in a row and feeling as though I had actually lived it. Again, nice site and good luck in your writing.

Dakota Stevens

Hey gurl!!!! Do you remember me? Im from the old writers forum! I'm 12 now. Email me to chat! I really missed uguys lol! :) LOVE !!!!!!!


If possible, would like to have our short story contest included in your pages.

Donna Sherf


Can we list our short story contest?

Donna Sherf
Writer Works

Love your site. Cholk full of neat stuff. If you get a chance, look at my site.

Big prizes, and an interesting and fair judging system. Peer judging.


that was a really good list of contests ... where do you get 'em all?


Great job of putting this together. This will be great reference material when I'm in the contest entering mood!
PS Please don't sell my name to anybody!

Maureen Rogers

Thanks for taking the time to list such useful information.

Jerrye Sumrall

Hi there! Thanks for listing Jackhammer E-zine in your writing links. Alas, I had to close down Jackhammer June, 2001. I'm still publishing Spellbound (fantasy magazine for children) and I've just launched a new e-book imprint (Jintsu). But I thought you might want to know so you could keep your links current.


Raechel Henderson Moon

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your contest list. I don't envy you, moving to NY to study Social Work at this God Forsaken time in history. I myself am a social worker. I often feel tortured by the work, but ultimately I still believe in it. So here's to social workers and writers everywhere -- take heart! As Maslow said, "The only happy people I know are the ones who are working well at something they consider important." That's how it is. Sometimes writing feels miserable, sometimes social working feels miserable, but ultimately, they are both important, and both contribute to happiness and well-being.

Kiersten Marek

Hi Sarah. Looks like a cool page but I haven't looked at your writing yet. I found your Frenck Links page by doing a search for Asterix le Gaulois en francais. I'm trying to brush up on my french a bit and figured reading some asterix would be a good way to do it. Unfortuantely your link isn't working for me and I've had precious little luck anywhere else. Have you come across any Asterix in french on the web? If so, it would be great if you could drop me a line. Merci bien!



seize the day.


looking for contests to enter as a short story writer Thank you

warren beyer

Michael Meadows

I enjoyed reading your 500 words of dialogue. It sounds like a typical teenager interogation in my parent's house! LOL!

Kelly Steed

It was good and a rare thing to see.


This site is wonderful. Thanks!


dave raber


"Whats up"

"Whats up"

Make something good from a bad situation

Jim Shafer

just surfed in. good luck in NY. You know what they say there: "If you can make it in this town..."

crash alison

As an Award-Winning and published Poet with the International Libray of Poetry, I am now finding my greatest joy in penning tastefully written erotic vignettes; your website, which I just accidently discovered, gives me enthusiasm for continuing my writings and finding an outlet(s) for sharing my "stories"and hopefully getting them published. Thank You.

Laurie Jo Finzer
(working on one)

I found your pages very useful and informative. Thanks. Keep in touch.

D.R. - writer


Hi Sarah-no gymnastics of literary folly to cast your way, just saying hello. Peter

Peter Chatto

This is Trent, aka many other names, real name Leo, aka some other names, from the WBBS circa 1997... drop me a line if you get this.. just writing to say hi ;)


Greetings, you have a wonderful site, and Iím glad I found it. I stumbled upon it mostly by accident, and probably I would have left not knowing what I missed, had I not been enchanted by your story. I was quite surprised to find something of such quality floating around in the ether of the web, so imagine my shock when I get to your homepage and find two more just as good as the first. And then, in an amusing twist of fate, I realize that not only are you a talented writer, but your name is also Sarah Kathryn. (Myself being an aspiring writer, and Sarah and Kat being two of my three favorite names.) At that point it sort of became inevitable that I would sign your guest book singing praises, so here I am.

Well anyway, I wish you good fortune and happiness on the road ahead.


Kyoso No Oni

Well, so many other ex-YWFers have signed, I thought I should too. Page looks nice, as usual.

The Writer Formerly Known as Sara F

Terri Brasher oth4jc8/index.html

Hi Sarah -- Enjoyed visiting your site, reading some of your writing; you've also got a lot of useful info for writers here. Check out my web page, if you get a chance. A FACE IN THE MOON is my first novel. Thanks, and have a great day!! Mitch

Mitchell Waldman

Very good web page.Thanks....