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Hello-and-welcome. A little about myself (but not too much, I'm paranoid): I'm one of the many Sarahs prowling through your life. In an insane effort simultaneously to distinguish myself from the rest of us and take refuge in our numbers, I've designed my own homepage, but I'm not telling you my last name. I will, however, tell you that I've grown up right outside the seat of our nation's power, Washington DC, which has made me an optimist and a cynic. I'm an aspiring writer majoring in English and Psychology. I may tell you more about myself later on ("always leave them wanting more"), but for now, I think I'll just sit back and let you explore my page. Here are a few works of fiction: a story I wrote two years ago, which got into my high school literary magazine then, 500 words of dialogue done just for fun, and something else I wrote, which got into my university literary magazine.

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This site was last updated Wednesday, March 31, 1999. Twas the night before Passover...
Well, since this is my own personal space on my own personal page, it's time for the yearly lecture! This one's on typing ergonomics and so on. I'm sitting here typing this wearing two blue splints on my wrists. I've been wearing them when I type for the last year (exactly), and I'm going to have to keep wearing them when I type for the next while. Not that I mind so much--they keep my hands in some supposedly ergonomically fabulous typing position. But the reason I have to wear them in the first place is that the amount of typing I did gave me tendonitis in both wrists--which, if I hadn't caught it, would have been a precursor to carpal tunnel syndrome and those awful repetitive motion syndromes that are making an increasing number of people unable to type and dependent on voice-recognition software. Moral of my ramblings (I wrote something with a moral?): pay attention to your wrists. If you do a lot of typing and they begin feeling tingly or weak, go to a doctor and have them looked at.(Hmm, what am I standing on? A soapbox? Eww, better get off.)

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